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A collection of resources about our community and the neighborhood.

The East Meadow Eruv

Under the auspices of Rabbi Kresch  


East Meadow?

East Meadow was selected as a perfect location for the creation of a new Torah’dik community.

In a Jewish area with no existing Orthodox infrastructure, a group of bnei Torah would have a unique opportunity to mold this new community with a fresh vision and energy. As pioneering members of a small community, every individual and every family is there for each other, and they all feel that they are making a real difference to the community.

For many practical reasons as well, East Meadow is the ideal location for Jewish families. East Meadow is one of the only Jewish communities within Long Island that has a low crime rate, and a variety of beautiful homes for sale that are still affordable for young homeowners. Housing is significantly cheaper than most areas in Queens and Long Island, with the advantage of larger homes and properties. Average lot sizes are between 6,000 and 10,000 square feet,  and house sizes and style vary across the spectrum, providing many different options for each family.

Significantly, East Meadow is also within the limits of  state mandated free busing to both Queens and Five-Towns Yeshivas from Kindergarten through 12th grade. East Meadow is host to some of Long Island’s nicest parks and largest malls, and is ideally situated in close proximity to the major Highways. It is hard to believe that this community is not even 15 miles from Queens and the Five-Towns.

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